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Untitled [Work in Progress...] by Taylor La Melle

On the occasion of Boundary + Gesture, curated by Taylor Le Melle at Wysing Arts Centre, PSS has published three pamphlets as an extension of the research begun through the exhibition. All three texts address notions of property, possession, transference, objects and testimony. 
The series includes: an untitled text by Taylor Le Melle that responds to artist Aslan Gaisumov’s shifting aesthetics and thinking about colonial legacy. Editor and researcher Rowan Powell’s text responds to ‘The Case of Marie Germain’ in Ambrose Pare’s 1575 book ‘Of Monsters and Prodigies’, an encyclopaedia of natural phenomena. Finally, PSS has excerpted an essay by writer, curator and artist Imani Robinson, from their ongoing, multidisciplinary project Black Testimony, borne out of research into the work of Forensic Architecture and Black Radical Theory.

Untitled [Work in Progress...] by Taylor La Melle

  • As we are a small team and still getting our systems in place, we ask for patience in waiting for deliveries and apologise for any unexpected delays, should they happen.

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