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The Thoughts of Sam Moore by Anabelle Hulaut

Where Sam Moore has the forest mood. Would he have changed air? [..] It is through a looking glass that Sam observes sporangia and other words containing colours. It is there that the contemplative slips into the adventure novel, stumbling over the syntax in his removable heels. S/he hurtles down metaphors and motors back mechanical scenarios by speculating on over-obvious coincidences. […] As Sam is a mobile and (un)fragmented character; and likeother essay writers, his complete works are distilled into excerpts while the story continues to grow. He aspires (to) everything: art, life, the art of living; That’s why the book starts with a vacuum cleaner and there is always wind in the poppies.
– Julie Portier


Anabelle Hulaut, born in 1970, lives and works in Château Gontier. She is interested in ambiguous situations where everyone, the artist, the spectator, and/or reader are obliged to play the role of detective. Sam Moore is a character created in 2013, whose deployment involves sculptures, photographs, videos, sound, and texts published as The Thoughts of Sam Moore.



The Thoughts of Sam Moore by Anabelle Hulaut

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