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Seized by the Left Hand: Full Set of Three

A new trio of chapbooks published on the occasion of the exhibition Seized by the Left Hand at Dundee Contemporary Arts, which takes as its starting point some of the ideas contained within American writer Ursula K. Le Guin's 1969 novel The Left Hand of Darkness.


It would be impossible to undertake a project inspired by Le Guin without championing new forms of writing, poetry and storytelling and we are thrilled to be able to publish these three chapbooks containing texts by CAConrad, Huw Lemmey and Tuesday Smillie and an introduction in each by Eoin Dara and Kim McAleese.


Huw Lemmey has written a beautiful text about travelling with stories and how we might use Le Guin’s feminist writing on the origins of fiction to delve into our own minds and learn about ourselves. 


Tuesday Smillie’s razor-sharp essay embarks on a close analytical reading of The Left Hand of Darkness from a contemporary transfeminist position.


CAConrad’s powerful text weaves prose and poetry together to articulate a compelling position of resistance to binary states within capitalism and patriarchy.


Curated by Eoin Dara and Kim McAleese, Seized by the Left Hand seeks to champion artists, performers and writers who, much like Le Guin was, are engaged in the vital act of radical imagining: crafting alternative spaces and worlds that hint at ways in which we all might better live, love and care for one another.

Seized by the Left Hand: Full Set of Three

  • As we are a small team and still getting our systems in place, we ask for patience in waiting for deliveries and apologise for any unexpected delays, should they happen.

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