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No Go, Richard PJ Lambert

Birmingham-based photographer Richard Lambert follows a sold-out investigation of his hometown, Second City, with 'No Go'. This 20-page collection of work form the last 2 years showcases the unusual beauty of the place we know simply as 'town',


Whilst the skyline becomes filled with increasingly bizarre architectural statement-pieces, Hollywood seems drawn to the fact it can set a war-ravaged dystopia here with very little CGI. Folk traditions brush up against pride marches, and rival street preachers battle for our souls outside a shopping centre named after a medieval bull-baiting pit. Birmingham is weird and contradictoy, and at times quite astounding.


Printed on risograph by Play Time Press Birmingham.

No Go, Richard PJ Lambert

  • As we are a small team and still getting our systems in place, we ask for patience in waiting for deliveries and apologise for any unexpected delays, should they happen.

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