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Dreambabes 2.0 ed. Victoria Sin

Edited by artist Victoria Sin, Dream Babes Zine 2.0 focuses on the questions that speculative fiction can ask which are especially important now. What if things were different? What if things stay the same? How can we realise the absurd in the familiar?

Dream Babes is a long term project that explores science and speculative fiction as a productive strategy of queer resistance, imaging futurity that does not depend on existing historical and social infrastructure. It has included science fiction porn screenings and talks, a three-day programme of performance at Auto Italia South East, a publication, and a regular science fiction reading group for queer people of colour. 

Dream Babes Zine 1.0 (sold out) was published in 2017 by PSS and included contributions from Jay Bernard, Shu Lea Cheang, Adam Farah, Evan Ifekoya, Taylor Le Melle, Eric Pussyboy, Raju Rage, Victoria Sin, Special Tears (Cassandre Greenberg + Christopher Kirubi) and Zadie Xa.

Dream Babes Zine 2.0 features contributions from:
Sophia Al-Maria, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Angela Chan and Xia Jia, Orion J Facey, Wong Bing Hao, Tokini Irene Fubara, Imani Robinson, Ashkan Sepahvand, Daniella Valz Gen, Victoria Sin and Samuel R Delany

Dreambabes 2.0 ed. Victoria Sin

  • As we are a small team and still getting our systems in place, we ask for patience in waiting for deliveries and apologise for any unexpected delays, should they happen.

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