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Continuum by Sarah Boulton



Continuum documents thirty-one of Sarah Boulton's happenings – covering works from 2012 to one piece that has yet to be made – as well as the artist’s happening-upons, assembled from everyday observations.


Texts of the artist's happenings and happening-upons are printed on white card stock with the responsive texts printed on a thinner speckled paper stock and are housed in a lilac box, approx. 155mm x 232 mm x 25mm.


About the author


Boulton will be in a forthcoming 2021 group show at Kingsgate Workshops in London and in the immaterial art biennale in France, La Biennale Momon. Her works have been presented at Luna Elaine (London), Catalyst Arts (Belfast), Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridge), Caraboo Projects (Bristol), Cell Project Space (London), Rhuababa Gallery (Edinburgh) and Patara Gallery (Tbilisi). Her writings have appeared in Hotel #6, Tender Journal, Danarti and in the 2015 Best British Poetry Anthology, and can be found online at, Jupiter Woods and New York Tyrant. Boulton graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2015.



About the publisher


Care of Time is an independent publishing project based in NYC and publishes artist writings.



Continuum by Sarah Boulton

  • As we are a small team and still getting our systems in place, we ask for patience in waiting for deliveries and apologise for any unexpected delays, should they happen.

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